June 28, 2010

Abortion Ad: Educational or Racist?

While searching the web for the latest world news, I came across a little videa on ABC about an anti abortion billboard that said: "Black and Unwanted? too many aborted .com"
This video struck me, but when I heard the spokeswoman behind the ad I almost choked. She went on to say that...'We believe that African Americans do not understand or realize the toll that abortion is taking on their people..." and that this ad was meant to be educational to them. This was a clear example of Critical Power Conflict Theory because the spokeswoman (who was white) was representing a company that felt that they were more educated and therefore superior to the African American women whom they were targeting. It seems that people are so drenched in institutionalized racism sometimes that they can't even see their own evil acts, but instead view them as a helpful tool for those who are...'less inteligent'.
Thanks to http://assets.nydailynews.com/img/2010/02/16/alg_billboard_endangered-species.jpg for the graphic.

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  1. Clare Ellyse, please post the link to the article you describe.