June 28, 2010

Why did i get married???


Sometimes this question comes to people's mind when the relationship gets rocky.. as to why did they get married. This brought me to the movie why did i get married because one of the ladies shelia had a husband who treated her bad and he didn't like the way she was...but later on in the movie she find out her husband is cheating on her with a good friend and she starts hanging out with this other man. In the movie she had a hard time understanding what love really was. Symbolic interactionism would say that Shelia had a hard time knowing love because she had been socialized that love can be something bad but you just flow with it instead of being happy. When this other man had come along he had shown Shelia that love is about performances and good social interactions.

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  1. J-Shu, please say some more about Symbolic Interactionism in terms of this movie. What props, stages, and performances were used to demonstrate the nature of love?