June 28, 2010

"We're All Teen Moms" says Bristol


If back in the day..if someone's daughter had got pregnant at a young age people would try to ignore it and act like it didn't happen or try and push marriage quickly so people wouldn't find out it was out of wedlock but now a days teen pregnancy is more common. An article i read about Bristol Palin on Secret Life and she had talked about how we're all teen moms caught my eye especially since a lot of people i know aren't teen moms. The structural functionlism would describe bristol palin's idea that were all teen moms as a dysfunctional thing to soceity because it doesn't seek it's order. Societies order consist of marriage and then kids. When you get married to someone it shows your stability to one another. I think by her statement that we're all teen mother's it shows that it is okay for teen pregnacy and that all single teen mother's should stay together.


  1. I think what you're refering to about Bristol Palin is she's going to be on the show "Secret Life of the American Teenagers" and when she says "we're all teen moms" is a line from the show. She's at a band camp in New York and all of the band members are teen mothers, so that article may have taken her line out of context.

    I do agree though that the idea of teen parenthood would be seen as destructive to society by structural functionalists. I think they would be against shows such as "Teen Mom" or "Engaged & Underage" on MTV. These shows promote the idea that young people should get married and have children, even though on the follow-up "reunion" shows most couples have split.

  2. Interesting discussion! Have either of you seen the movie, "Juno"?

  3. Yes! I love Juno, but I think it's mostly because I am such a fan of Michael Cera (which is why I also loved watching "Paper Hearts" in class).

  4. What I find interesting is that our society can label her pregnancy as a failed performance for a teenager yet later allow her to be celebrated for proclaiming it was a mistake. In order to survive this "mistake"; an established institution could help the resolve of the situation.